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Tips on how to get Sponsored

Author: 0 Posted: 2010-02-19

Below are some tips that should help you get noticed and increase your chances of getting sponsored.
  1. Come up with some footage. Try to make it as well rounded as possible i.e. street, park, vert. Don't make it too long (less than 5 minutes), and adding music is helpful so the people watching have a pleasant experience.
  2. Tell them what you can offer them. Getting sponsored is not as much about what you'll get, but what you can give.
  3. Show them you can be responsible. Show them a list of accomplishments like media coverage and contest results.
  4. Get seen or let them know where you've skated. The more places you've been the better your chances. Create an online profile this shows them your out to be seen. Even if no one knows who you are, showing that your willing to travel to contests is critical.
  5. Remember their main objective is to sell product. The more exposure you can promise them the better your odds of getting a sponsorship. Let them know that your willing to spread the word whatever it takes.
  6. Hit up the small companies where your chances are better. Even though they can't give out as much they could use the advertising.
  7. Lastly, suggest that your willing to start small such as handing out stickers at a local contest or demo. Heck let them know you do a demo for them at your local park.

Get sponsored
Get sponsored

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