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Girl and Levi have teamed together to make a pretty cool 3D commercial called Unbeleafable. The skate scene can be viewed using the old fashioned red and blue 3D glasses found pretty much everywhere. Thrasher magazine even is giving away pairs with their mag.  Skaters Eric Koston, Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson, Elijah Berle, Chico Brenes, Cory Kennedy

, Justin Eldridge
, Stevie Perez, 
Chris Roberts, 
Raven Tershy
, Jeron Wilson, Shane O'Neill,
 and Ryan Spencer are all featured in the flic. It's kinda cheesy, but at least it's entertaining.



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Last Name: Page
Favorite Skate Spot: In Eugene my favorite place to skate is Churchhill
Sponsors: - Bella Girl Boards (previously) - Concrete Divas (previously)
How Long Skating: Since I was about 5 or 6?
Favorite Trick: Grab airs and handplants
Contest Results: - Cal Young contest 1st place out of 6, boy division, summer of 2002. - Roseburg contest 3rd place out of 6, boy division, summer of 2002. - 2nd place out of 4, boy division, winter of 2002. - RAS contest at Cal Young 2nd place out of 9, boy division, summer of 2003. - Round Robin contest at all parks in Eugene no age catagory,7th place out of 16, summer 2003. - send in vidio age catogies 2nd place out of 4 other people,boy division, summer of 2003. - Boardsports contest at Cal Young, 2 age catagories, 15 and down, and 16 and up, do not know what placeing, fall of 2003. - Harvest Moon contest at Bethal, tied for 3rd, fall of 2003. - Springfield contest at Springfield, 2nd place of of 4 girls, summer of 2004. - Boardsports contest at cal Young, 2nd place of of 3 girls, summer of 2004. - Round Robin Contest at all the parks in Eugene, 6th place of of 24 people, summer of 2004. - Harvest Boards Bethal Contest at the Bethal skatepark, tie for 1st against 5 girls, summer of 2004. - Boardsports Bethal Contest at the Bethal skatepark, I got 1st place against 4 girls, summer of 2004. - Skate Like a Girl at the Capital City Skatepark, I got 1st place against 5 girls Advanced Vert Division, it was an all girl event, summer of 2004. - Windell contest 1st place out of 5, womans division, winter of 2005. - Round Robin at all parks in Eugene, 5th place of of 7 people, summer of 2005. - Churchill Contest at Churchill sponsered by the city of Eugene, Tactics, and Boardsportds, 1st place of of 5 girls, womans division, summer of 2005.

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