Gnarly in Pink


Published on Jun 24, 2014
This short film celebrates the "Pink Helmet Posse," three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

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Stoops Magazine - A Quarterly NYC Skateboard Publication


New York is one of most photogenic cities in the world. Couple that with amazing and creative skateboarding and you will find it hard to beat the photos it will (and does!) produce. The problem is that there is no solid outlet for displaying these photos. You may get lucky to see a low-resolution version of one or two of them floating around some blogs, but is that sufficient? A lot of major European cities have their own mags to help represent their cities (Grey Magazine out of London, for example), so it's time that the world's city had its own. This would benefit many. For one, it would let outsiders into our world of skateboarding through one of the most chaotic cities. It would also help shine light on the local companies, filmmakers, photographers, and skaters that are pushing the boundaries with no mainstream support. 

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Washington Jefferson Skateboard Park, Eugene, Oregon

The new Washington Jefferson Skateboard Park in Eugene Oregon is finally up and running after nearly a decade of waiting. For those of us who live in Oregon where it rains for almost nine months of the year, the covered park is a welcome addition to the already diverse array of skate parks throughout the city. Seeing how it is the only covered park, underneath the expressway, it will get a lot of action. The park is well designed fro all types of skaters, from street to pool skating. There's even some cool unique features such as the rollercoaster ramp and brick China Banks section. My personal favorite was the snake run. The whole surrounding area including benches and curbs are also part of the design giving skaters a wide range of possibilities. This is one of the best parks I've see, and is worth the trip to check out.

One Skateboard At A Time


One Skateboard At A Time from Chapman Skateboards on Vimeo.

"One Skateboard At A Time" In this short film, we set out to document the complete skateboard production process, to celebrate the people as well as the craftsmanship involved in the making of each of our decks. From the raw maple veneer, to hitting the streets, every hand involved makes #ChapmanWood special. Made in the USA since 1991. Music: "The Crossing", Sending Letters to the Sea

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RGK & BOARDLife OPEN Premier

May 30th, 2014, 7 p.m.
BOARDLife skate shop Denver, CO FREE!

RGK prefer to begin pitches with compelling statistics. Unfortunately, there  are no statistics about female longboarders. This isn’t surprising considering the Longboard Girls Crew didn’t unite to encourage women in longboarding  until 2010. Within three years the LGC has revolutionized women’s longboarding and is now recognized in 180 countries with more than 8 million views on their seven videos. Since their success, the LGC has inspired women skaters  around the country to come together and create their own crews, including  Denver's own RAD Girls Krew. RGK is a group of transplant, misfits looking  to grow the women’s downhill skate scene in Colorado.

With 1,300 Facebook friends, RGK thinks it's time to hold our first event,  and what’s better than supporting our muses. With the help of BOARDLife,  RGK is hosting the Denver premiere of LGC's newest video, OPEN,  and we need your help! 

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