The Bucket Board


THE BUCKET BOARD from mac premo on Vimeo.

Shot and directed by Mac Premo ( / @macpremo) Edited by Ann Lupo ( Production team: Pete Treiber, Adrianna Dufay and Divya Gadangi Sound design by Mac Premo and Ann Lupo Sound mixed, mastered and greatly enhanced by Luciano Vignola Shot in Leucadia, Encinitas and Carlsbad, California on location at Sanford Shapes ( / @sanfordshapes) VISIT THE SITE:

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Stoops Magazine - A Quarterly NYC Skateboard Publication


New York is one of most photogenic cities in the world. Couple that with amazing and creative skateboarding and you will find it hard to beat the photos it will (and does!) produce. The problem is that there is no solid outlet for displaying these photos. You may get lucky to see a low-resolution version of one or two of them floating around some blogs, but is that sufficient? A lot of major European cities have their own mags to help represent their cities (Grey Magazine out of London, for example), so it's time that the world's city had its own. This would benefit many. For one, it would let outsiders into our world of skateboarding through one of the most chaotic cities. It would also help shine light on the local companies, filmmakers, photographers, and skaters that are pushing the boundaries with no mainstream support. 

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Surfing Cox's Bazar


Surfing with local street boys at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. We rented surf boards at the Surf Club Hotel located on the beach. It's also a great place to stay with clean rooms and helpful staff. They also support the Bangladeshi Surf Girls organization

Surfing Cox's Bazar

NO WHEELS Skateboarding


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MAJER crew Featuring Jason Park

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Lets Go Skate, Powell-Peralta BBQ Event at Selected Skateparks in USA

Let’s Go Skate Tour 2015 / March 14th - 24th

MARCH 14, 2015

MARCH 15, 2015

MARCH 17, 2015

MARCH 18, 2015

MARCH 19, 2015

MARCH 21, 2015

MARCH 22, 2015

MARCH 24, 2015

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Last Name: Page
Favorite Skate Spot: In Eugene my favorite place to skate is Churchhill
Sponsors: - Bella Girl Boards (previously) - Concrete Divas (previously)
How Long Skating: Since I was about 5 or 6?
Favorite Trick: Grab airs and handplants
Contest Results: - Cal Young contest 1st place out of 6, boy division, summer of 2002. - Roseburg contest 3rd place out of 6, boy division, summer of 2002. - 2nd place out of 4, boy division, winter of 2002. - RAS contest at Cal Young 2nd place out of 9, boy division, summer of 2003. - Round Robin contest at all parks in Eugene no age catagory,7th place out of 16, summer 2003. - send in vidio age catogies 2nd place out of 4 other people,boy division, summer of 2003. - Boardsports contest at Cal Young, 2 age catagories, 15 and down, and 16 and up, do not know what placeing, fall of 2003. - Harvest Moon contest at Bethal, tied for 3rd, fall of 2003. - Springfield contest at Springfield, 2nd place of of 4 girls, summer of 2004. - Boardsports contest at cal Young, 2nd place of of 3 girls, summer of 2004. - Round Robin Contest at all the parks in Eugene, 6th place of of 24 people, summer of 2004. - Harvest Boards Bethal Contest at the Bethal skatepark, tie for 1st against 5 girls, summer of 2004. - Boardsports Bethal Contest at the Bethal skatepark, I got 1st place against 4 girls, summer of 2004. - Skate Like a Girl at the Capital City Skatepark, I got 1st place against 5 girls Advanced Vert Division, it was an all girl event, summer of 2004. - Windell contest 1st place out of 5, womans division, winter of 2005. - Round Robin at all parks in Eugene, 5th place of of 7 people, summer of 2005. - Churchill Contest at Churchill sponsered by the city of Eugene, Tactics, and Boardsportds, 1st place of of 5 girls, womans division, summer of 2005.

Hong Kong Skatepark


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