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The Breaker Multi Tool from Full Windsor


The Breaker Multi Tool from Full Windsor on Vimeo.

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Stoops Magazine - A Quarterly NYC Skateboard Publication


New York is one of most photogenic cities in the world. Couple that with amazing and creative skateboarding and you will find it hard to beat the photos it will (and does!) produce. The problem is that there is no solid outlet for displaying these photos. You may get lucky to see a low-resolution version of one or two of them floating around some blogs, but is that sufficient? A lot of major European cities have their own mags to help represent their cities (Grey Magazine out of London, for example), so it's time that the world's city had its own. This would benefit many. For one, it would let outsiders into our world of skateboarding through one of the most chaotic cities. It would also help shine light on the local companies, filmmakers, photographers, and skaters that are pushing the boundaries with no mainstream support. 

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Skateboarding in Yangon, Myanmar

Over Winter Break, my wife and I visited some friends in Myanmar Sarah and Matthew. I didn't plan on skating at all and didn't in the slightest think that I would, so I wore my flip-flops and left my board behind. There's not much in the way of skate spots in Bangladesh so I figured it would be the same in Myanmar. After arriving in Yangong and talking with Matthew, I found out that there are actually two skateparks. A metal park consisting of a street course and a small micro-ramp, and a rumored newly constructed concrete park. Of course I had to check them out!

It was already late in the evening when we headed out. Luckily Matthew let me try out his board. The metal park is located at Hledan Junction Skyway and University Avenue Road (16.82531962, 96.13110434). It's a nice park in that it is big, under the expressway so it stays cool and dry, and is well lit 24 hours a day. I only had a few minutes and the only pics I got were crappy, but the park is worth the time to skate. What I was really was interested in skating was the rumored concrete park. Matthew wasn't really sure where it was but knew roughly. We walked over to the other area not more than a twenty minute walk, but couldn't find it. When we were just about to give up we decided to ask a local and they knew of it and walked us over to it. It's right on a busy road in a small lot adjacent to the road in some trees.

The concrete park was designed and built by Make Life Skate Life, a non-profit organization that builds parks across the globe for youth to learn how to skate in underprivileged areas. It's located on Bayint Naung Road, near the Nar Nat Taw Street, Kyee Myindaing Kanner Road intersection (16.823306, 96.122676). There are no lights in the park and the only light comes off of the road. Even at night the park is crowed and there are a few trees in the course to contend with. Jon from Make Life Skate Life and his gang did a great job with the pour and the surface is smooth. They managed to put bankers in at the right spots so keeping a line through the park is simple. It's not a massive park like what you'll find in Oregon, but it's a damn nice park regardless. Even though I only skated it for a few minutes, I can't wait to hit it up on my next visit. 

For those that are park spoiled like us in Oregon, I think it's a great idea to spread the love of skating to other parts of the world, and to share with those who can least afford to build a park themselves. Groups like Make Life Skate Life and people like Vanessa Rude who teach kids how to skate in third world countries are heroes in my book. If you have the means to help out, donate or even join up with them with your knowledge to help other enjoy the lifestyle that we all enjoy :)

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Recycled Skateboards, Repurposed Dreams Presentation by Sheena Crookes


Sheena Crookes has been working in the skateboarding industry for nearly a decade, and is constantly inspired by the stories that come with the broken skateboards she gathers to produce her works of jewelry. Sheena started SkateBetty to spread her skateboard accessories and the stories that go with them around the world.

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Go Skateboarding Day Asuncion 2015


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